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Quaternary chronology with key British sites, archaeological industries, palaeogeography, and major warm periods and ice advances for the past 700,000 years.

Workshop Proceedings

Project participants periodically gather to present their research and to discuss progress at a workshop symposium. Proceedings of those workshops are available here.

Homo britannicus

Homo britannicus

Read about the AHOB project in Chris Stringer's Homo Britannicus, published by Penguin Books in 2006.

Supplementary Data

From: Preece, R.C & Parfitt, S.A. 2007. "The Cromer Forest-bed Formation: some recent developments relating to early human occupation and lowland glaciation."

* Database of Early and early Middle Pleistocene Water Voles (Rodentia: Mimomys savini and Arvicola) [Download file as PDF]

* Map of sites in the database [Download file as PDF]

Talks at the AHOB workshop held July, 2003 in London. From left to right: Chris Stringer, Russell Coope, Simon Lewis, and Richard Preece.

AHOB Publications

Hundreds of scientific papers have been published as part of the AHOB project. Here are three random selections:

1. Endicott, P., Ho, S. and Stringer C. 2010. Using genetic evidence to evaluate four palaeoanthropological hypotheses for the timing of Neanderthal and modern human origins. Journal of Human Evolution 59, 87-95.

2. Bräuer, G., Broeg, H. and Stringer, C. 2006. The earliest Upper Palaeolithic crania from the Czech Republic and the question of Neanderthal-modern continuity: metrical evidence from the fronto-facial region. In C. Finlayson and C. Stringer (eds) Proceedings of the Calpe 2001 Conference, Gibraltar. Chicago University Press: Chicago, pp. 269-279.

3. Ashton, N.M. and Lewis, S.G. 2012. The environmental contexts of early human occupation of north-west Europe: the British Lower Palaeolithic record. Quaternary International 271,

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