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Ash Tree Cave



Site Number 1 (This is an AHOB Key Site)
Nearest Town: Whitwell
National Grid Reference: SK5152176161
Lat: 53.27993 Lon: -1.22876

Ash Tree Cave, near Creswell, Derbyshire, has yielded Middle and Upper Palaeolithic artefacts as well as mammalian faunas. The lowest levels have no archaeology and a Banwell Bone Cave mammal assemblage zone (MAZ) fauna (Currant & Jacobi, 2001) with reindeer, wolverine, wolf, and other animals. The middle layers have Middle Palaeolithic artefacts and a Pin Hole MAZ fauna (Currant & Jacobi, 2001) that includes Arctic fox, Arctic lemming, woolly rhino, hyaena, woolly mammoth and horse. Upper Palaeolithic artefacts are found in the higher levels, which are overlain by later Bronze Age archaeology.

Horizons recorded at Ash Tree Cave

Unit Name Epoch Biozone MIS
Cave earths and loams (Horz Num: 275) Late Pleistocene Undefined 1-2
Yellow stony clay (Horz Num: 627) Late Pleistocene Pin Hole MAZ 3
Brown clay (Horz Num: 1) Late Pleistocene Banwell Bone Cave MAZ 5a

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