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Southfleet Road, Ebbsfleet



Site Number 262
Nearest Town: Swanscombe
National Grid Reference: TQ6116973270
Lat: 51.4355 Lon: 0.31731

This Clactonian elephant butchery site was discovered during excavations for the Channel Tunnel Rail Link. Excavation in 2004 uncovered parts of an elephant skeleton associated with refitting lithic artefacts, apparently manufactured on the spot for butchery. Deposits above the elephant have yielded abundant handaxes, strengthening the link with the nearby Swanscombe hominin site of Barnfield Pit. Environmental evidence is rich and indicates fully temperate conditions during the Hoxnian Interglacial stage (MIS 11), including evidence from amino acid ratios (Penkman et al., 2011). The Southfleet Road site is associated with a tributary of the Thames which includes the younger terrace and colluvial deposits containing Levallois artefacts at Ebbsfleet (Baker's Hole). A monograph published in 2013 gives the most up-to-date and relevant data.

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Horizons recorded at Southfleet Road, Ebbsfleet

Unit Name Epoch Biozone MIS
Group B (Horz Num: 660) Middle Pleistocene Swanscombe MAZ 11
Group A (Horz Num: 271) Middle Pleistocene Swanscombe MAZ 11

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