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Saham Toney



Site Number 295
Nearest Town: Watton
National Grid Reference: TF9124201952
Lat: 52.58174 Lon: 0.82124

The site at Saham Toney was investigated by members of the AHOB project following discovery of bones of woolly mammoth during excavation of a fishing lake. The succession recorded at the site consists of lacustrine and fluvial sediments, beneath gravels of the River Wissey. The lower part of the succession contains abundant flora and fauna, which indicate interglacial conditions; amino acid ratios indicate an MIS 5e age (Penkman et al., 2011). The overlying gravels, including the deposits containing the woolly mammoth bones, were deposited during the succeeding Devensian cold stage. The site provides an opportunity to test the hypothesis of human absence from Britain during the last interglacial. However, no archaeology was found in these deposits despite extensive searches.

Horizons recorded at Saham Toney

Unit Name Epoch Biozone MIS
Undifferentiated (Horz Num: 321) Late Pleistocene Joint Mitnor Cave MAZ 5e

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