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Barnham (East Farm Pit)



Site Number 5 (This is an AHOB Key Site)
Nearest Town: Barnham
National Grid Reference: TL875786
Lat: 52.37392 Lon: 0.75358

East Farm, Barnham has been known since the late 19th with excavations in the 1930s (Paterson 1937), 1978 (Wymer 1985) and from 1989-94 (Ashton et al. 1998). The site consists of silts and clays that infill a basin in Anglian till and associated glaciofluvial gravels. It has been attributed to the Hoxnian interglacial (MIS 11c) due to its stratigraphic position (Lewis 1998), amino acid ratios (Bowen 1998; Preece and Penkman 2005) and the biostratigraphy of the mammalian fauna (Parfitt 1998). The main archaeological industries were recovered from a lag gravel (unit 4) and overlying silt (unit 5e) at the edge of the basin. A non-handaxe assemblage was recovered in units 4 and 5e from Area I, while an assemblage containing handaxes was recovered from unit 4 in Area IV(4). Biological data has not survived in these marginal sediments. However, the stratigraphy suggests that they are contemporary with the much thicker sequence of silts and clays in the centre of the channel (unit 5c), whi... [read more]

Horizons recorded at Barnham (East Farm Pit)

Unit Name Epoch Biozone MIS
Unit 4 (Horz Num: 616) Middle Pleistocene Undefined 11
5c (Horz Num: 5) Middle Pleistocene Undefined 11
5e (Horz Num: 617) Middle Pleistocene Undefined 11

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