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Natural History Museum excavation at Westbury-sub-Mendip cave. The infilled cavern sediments were exposed by limestone quarrying in the late 1960s.
[File name: westbury_face.jpg. Photo ID: 35. Source: AHOB, 2012]

Natural History Museum excavations at Westbury.
[File name: westbury_opening.jpg. Photo ID: 36. Source: AHOB, 2012]

Mole humeri from Westbury-sub-Mendip. Common mole Talpa europaea (left), and the small extinct mole T. minor (right).
[File name: mole.jpg. Photo ID: 60. Source: AHOB, 2012]

Possible stone artefacts found by Bishop at Westbury include these modified flints from the Calcareous Member.
[File name: westbury_artefacts.jpg. Photo ID: 61. Source: AHOB, 2012]

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