Next Meeting

Great Yarmouth, November 16th

The next open meeting will be held at in the Library in Great Yarmouth on Saturday November 16th 10:30 am with talks by

•Chris Stringer, Natural History Museum
•Rachel Bynoe, Southampton University
•Martin Warren, Geological Society of Norfolk
•Norfolk Museums & Archaeology Service

In the afternoon bring along your fossil finds for identification at the ‘Fossil Road  Show’ at the Time & Tide Museum


Cromer Public Meeting

In October 2012 an open meeting was held at the Cliftonville Hotel in Cromer and attended by 130 people. An overview of the Palaeolithic and the human fossil evidence was given by Chris Stringer, followed by a talk on the Cromer Forest-bed by Simon Parfitt and the West Runton elephant by Tony Stuart. The morning was concluded by the Norfolk Museum and Archaeology Service team of how fossils can be recorded.

Fossil Road Show

The Fossil Road Show was held in the afternoon at Cromer Museum with Tony Stuart, Simon Parfitt, David Waterhouse, Peter Hoare, Nigel Larkin and Martin Warren, providing identifications for the public. Several significant new fossils were recorded.


Meeting at Cromer, 2012

Jaw of extinct giant beaver (Trogontherium cuvieri)

Fossil pine cone

Jaw of extinct elk (Cervalces latifrons)


Reporting finds
Happisburgh survey
Early Britain
AHOB Project


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