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West Runton



Site Number 53 (This is an AHOB Key Site)
Nearest Town: West Runton
National Grid Reference: TG1887643085
Lat: 52.9405 Lon: 1.2559

Cromer Forest-bed Formation (CF-bF) freshwater and marine sediments occur at a number of localities on the Norfolk and Suffolk coasts and cover several temperate and cold episodes, underlain by earlier Plio-Pleistocene marine sediments of the Wroxham Crag. The stratotype of the Cromerian stage, the West Runton Freshwater Bed (WRFB; part of the CF-bF) is at West Runton, Norfolk. The WRFB has yielded a rich mammal fauna, freshwater fishes, and sparser birds, amphibians and reptiles as well as remains of plants, molluscs and beetles, indicating a temperate climate at about 700,000 years ago. The most spectacular find from the WRFB is most of the skeleton of a huge ancestral mammoth Mammuthus trogontherii. The WRFB deposits appear to have been laid down in a low energy fluvial environment over a fairly short time period. Several lines of evidence combine to indicate that the WRFB correlates with a temperate interglacial episode post-dating mid-MIS 19 (Brunhes-Matuyama Boundary at... [read more]

Horizons recorded at West Runton

Unit Name Epoch Biozone MIS
West Runton Freshwater Bed (Horz Num: 416) Middle Pleistocene 'Cromerian' 15-17

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